2013 FoBB Photo Contest

Youth   |   Amateur   |   Professional 

Grand Prize: Burg Ransom, “Diffused Light”

Diffused Light by Burg Ransom

Professional Division Winning Photographs

Professional, Scenic

 1st: R. David Breithaupt, “Lake Drain Road No. 5”

David Breithaupt Lake Drain Road Number 5


2nd: Marie Frost, “Foggy Dawn”

Foggy Dawn by Marie Frost


3rd: Burg Ransom, “Through the Fog”

Through the Fog by Burg Ransom

Honorable Mention: Marsha Hughes, “Solitary Sentinel”

Solitary Sentinel by Marsha Hughes

Honorable Mention: Marsha Hughes, “Winter on the Lake”

Winter on the Lake by Marsha Hughes


Professional, Plants

1st: Burg Ransom, “Hanging Crimson”

Hanging Crimson by Burg Ransom

2nd: Marsha Hughes, “Daisy with Bug”

Daisy with Bug by Marsha Hughes

3rd: David Jungina, “Still Connected”

Still Connected by David Jungina

HM: Burg Ransom, “Climbing Colors”

Climbing Colors by Burg Ransom

HM: David Jungina, “Standout”

Standout by David Jungina


Professional, Wildlife

1st: Marie Frost, “I Sense You”

I Sense You by Marie Frost

2nd: Marsha Hughes, “Up Close and Personal”

Up Close and Personal by Marsha Hughes

3rd: Burg Ransom, “Come On In! The Water Is Fine”

Come on In The Water is Fine by Burg Ransom

HM: Marie Frost, “Relaxing”

Relaxing by Marie Frost

HM: Marsha Hughes, “Hanging On”

Hanging On by Marsha Hughes 


Professional, Birds

1st: Burg Ransom, “Where’s Miss Piggy Now?”

Where's Miss Piggy Now? by Burg Ransom

2nd: Doug Moon, “Fishing in Flowers”

Fishing in Flowers by Doug Moon

HM: Burg Ransom, “Hoo Dat!”

Hoo Dat! by Burg Ransom

HM: R. David Breithaupt, “Band of Brothers”

Band of Brothers by R. David Breithaupt 


Professional, People on the Refuge

1st: Burg Ransom, “Springtime Turn”

Springtime Turn by Burg Ransom

2nd: Marsha Hughes, “Sunset Conversation”

Sunset Conversation by Marsha Hughes

3rd: R. David Breithaupt, “Fishing Buddies”

Fishing Buddies by R. David Breithaupt

HM: Burg Ransom, “Intense Concentration”

Intense Concentration by Burg Ransom 


Professional, Macro

1st: Marie Frost, “I Spy”

I Spy by Marie Frost

2nd: Burg Ransom, “Protect the Egg”

Protect the Egg by Burg Ransom

3rd: David Jungina, “Just Blending In”

Just Blending In by David Jungina

HM: Burg Ransom, “My Tiny Friend, Spike”

My Tiny Friend Spike by Burg Ransom

HM: Burg Ransom, “Hang Ten”

Hang Ten by Burg Ransom

HM: Marie Frost, “Morning Yoga”

Morning Yoga by Marie Frost

HM: David Jungina, “White Lipstick”

White Lipstick by David Jungina 


Youth   |   Amateur   |   Professional