2012 Photo Contest Winners

(these are SMALL versions of the photos. Click on the photo for a closer look at the beauty captured by these amazing photographers)

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Grand Prize Photo:
Marsha Hughes
"Frosty Morning Fog"

Frosty Morning Fog


1st--Burg Ransom--Springtime Buffet:

First Place Over All Ribbon - Berg Ransom - Springtime Buffet

2nd--Marie Frost--Hang in There:

2nd Place Overall - Marie Frost Photo entitled "Hang in There"

Honorable Mention--Marie Frost--Butterfly Kiss

Honorable Mention - Marie Frost Photograph entitled "Butterfly Kiss"

Honorable Mention--Marie Frost--The Chomper

Honorable Mention - Marie Frost Photograph entitled "The Chomper"


1st--Burg Ransom-Would You Look at That? Broke another Nail!

Professional - Wildlife Photo Contest 1st Place Winner Photo entitled Broke Another Nail"

2nd--R. David Breithaupt--Butterfly No. 3

2nd Place Wildlife - Berg Ransom - Butterfly Number 3

3rd--Marsha Hughes--In the Spotlight

3rd Place Winner - Marsha Hughes Photograph entitled "In the Spotlight"

Hon. Men.--Burg Ransom--Eh, What's Up, Doc?

Honorable Mention Photograph Winner - Berg Ransom Rabbit Eh Whats Up Doc

Hon. Men.--Burg Ransom--Hidden Innocence

Honorable Mention - Professional Wildlife Berg Ransom Photograph entitled "Hidden Innocence"


Professional, People on the Refuge

1st--Mike Roberts--Speechless:

1st Place Photo - Professional Category PEOPLE ON THE REFUGE - photo entitled Speechless

2nd--Doug Moon--iPhoto Blind

2nd Place Winning Photograph - Doug Moon CATEGORY People on the Refuge photo entitled iphoto blind

3rd--Burg Ransom--Hot Pursuit

3rd Place - Berg Ransom - Photograph entitled Hot Pursuit

Hon Men--Marsha Hughes--Foggy Morning Walk

Marsha Hughes - Photograph entitled FOGGY MORNING WALK

Hon Men--David Breithaupt--Fishing the Cracks

David Breithaupt Winning Photograph entitled Fishing the Cracks

Hon Men--Marie Frost--Canoeing on the Bayou

Marie Frost Photograph entitled Canoeing on the Bayou

Hon Men--Mike Roberts--Boys Will Be Boys

Winning Photographs - Mike Roberts Photo entitled Boys will Be Boys

Professional, Birds

1st: David Breithaupt--Ghost of the Bayou

Birds - David Breighaupt Photo entitled Ghost of the Bayou

2nd: Burg Ransom--Feathered Fisherman

Winning Photos - Berg Ransom Photo entitled Feathered Fisherman

3rd: Marsha Hughes--I Can See Myself

Winning Photos - Marsha Hughes photo entitled I can See Myself

Hon Men--Doug Moon--Move Along!

Winning Photos - Doug Moon photograph entitled MOVE ALONG

Hon Men--Burg Ransom--My, What Big Eyes You Have!

Winning Photos - Berg Ransom photo entitled WHAT BIG EYES YOU HAVE

Hon Men--David Breithaupt--Egret in Fog

Winning Bird Photos - David Breithaupt photo entitled EGRET IN FOG

Professional, Plants

1st--Burg Ransom--Springtime Purple

Winning PLANT Photos - Berg Ransom photo entitled SPRINGTIME PURPLE

2nd--David Breithaupt--Sunrise No. 12

David Breithaupt Winning Photo entitled Sunrise Number 12

3rd--Mike Roberts--Reflections of Water Lilies

Professional Plant Photos - 3rd Place Winner Mike Roberts Photograph entitled REFLECTIONS OF WATER LILIES

Hon Men--Burg Ransom--Simple Beauty

Honorable Mention Photograph entitled Simple Beauty by Berg Ransom

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