Photos of animals and people at Black Bayou Refuge

2011 Photo Contest Winners

Best in Show: 

They Eye Has it - Winning Photo - Burg Ransom

Burg Ransom, “The Eye Has It”



YOUTH  | Professional  | Amateur


Professional, Wildlife

snake Burg Ransom - I can ruin your day
1st—Burg Ransom, “I Can Ruin Your Day”
Smile - Michelle Morris
2nd—Michelle Morris, “Smile”
I Spy - Michelle Morris - green frog

3rd—Michelle Morris, “I Spy”

Three Generations - Alligators
HM—Srdjan Marjanovic, “3 Generations”

Early Riser - Burg Ransom
HM—Burg Ransom, “Early Riser”

Professional, Macro

Delicate Agility - Burg Ransom
2nd—Burg Ransom, “Delicate Agility”
 Silhouette - Burg Ransom
3rd—Burg Ransom, “Silhouette”

Professional, Scenic

Monochrome Sunrise - Burg Ransom
1st—Burg Ransom, “Monochrome Sunrise

Sunrise at Black Bayou
2nd—Mike Roberts, “Sunrise at Black Bayou”
Calm, Color, Contrast - Ransom

3rd—Burg Ransom, “Calm, Color, Contrast
Cypress Swamp - Leporati
HM—Melissa Leporati, “Cypress Swamp”

Professional, Birds

Ghost of the Bayou - Michelle Morris
1st—Michelle Morris, “Ghost of the Bayou”
Icy Morning Pose - Burg Ransom
2nd—Burg Ransom, “Icy Morning Pose”
Darn Lice - Burg Ransom
3rd—Burg Ransom, “Darn Lice!”

Professional, People on the Refuge

Quality Time for Dad - Mike Roberts

 HM—Mike Roberts, “Quality Time for Dad”

Professional, Plants

Forest Fire - Burg Ransom
1st—Burg Ransom, “Forest Fire”
Reflection of a Lily Pad
2nd—Mike Roberts, “Reflection of a Lily Pad”
Summer Boquet - Burg Ransom
3rd—Burg Ransom, “Summer Bouquet”

YOUTH  | Professional  | Amateur

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